Michael Lance Carby International Group

Michael Lance Carby Group was created, after many closed doors for its founder, Michael Lance Carby.

He decided to put his destiny in his own hands by creating opportunities for his self that was not given.

Michael's mission is to inspire, innovate and leave a legacy for generations to come.


Michael Lance Carby - Michael is currently in the process of a reband including a name change from Mikey Mic to his real name, Michael Lance Carby.

He is known as one of Sweden's best DJs. However, his new mission is to become one of the world's best.

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Superheroes Music is an independent label, music publishing and artist management company, which was founded in 2010.


SelectDJ Academy is Scandinavia’s first professional DJ school and it is the DJ industry’s benchmark for DJ education and training needed to master the DJ craft.

The school was primarily founded to facilitate the imparting of proper DJing techniques in order to eliminate the frustration, wasted time and bad habits affiliated with self-learning. At SelectDJ Academy, there are experienced and well travelled professional instructors that are ready to provide world class training to all students.


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